Linking multiple e-mail accounts

Hi , Using my Murena one phone mail app I can link E-Mail accounts from other Providers Such as Virgin Media.
however when i use the desktop mail app it doesn’t show them and i cannot add them, is this correct ?

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are you referring to?
You may achieve that with Thunderbird for instance

Yes i understand There are other Applications I can use for that. I maybe just assumed that the Murena Webmail and phone app would sync with the other accounts.

Screenshot from 2024-02-15 21-14-44

more fundamentally than an account settings sync between device and server: lacks a function to add external mail accounts. That’d be the prerequisite to even consider such a mechanism.

Though I think users are right to suspect/assume such a mechanism, some providers offer it.

I see … I was mislead because you used the term desktop application for the webmail service :slight_smile: