Linux is not only Ubuntu

Quite disappointed here : I’ve just bought a second-hand Samsung S7 because it is in the list of easy-installer Windows and Linux, but I don’t have Ubuntu, and you don’t provide any RPM of easy-installer !!!
That is not serious, because I’m sure you’ve got a RPM somewhere …
Can you tell me where I can find it ?

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OK I used the difficult way and it works. But I still suggest to provide a rpm of easy-installer !!!


They chose the snap way to account for that, link is at the end of at “Reference guide to install on multiple OS with snap”.
Which leads to, which has instructions for

Arch Linux
elementary OS
KDE Neon
Linux Mint
Red Hat Enterprise Linux
Ubuntu (yes, that too)

Obviously they can’t win, because “I want [insert RPM or something else not covered here], or I want instructions for [insert Linux distribution not mentioned on the page here]” in 3 … 2 … 1 … :wink:


I understand selection of snap, but wonder would it require much work to offer also flatpak at flathub.

I won’t install snap myself, but on the other hand I like to use terminal. Still some would prefer flatpak and together with snap it would cover about all need for linux in easiest way.

What about using an appimage? That way everyone can use it, without needing to install something extra

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One can always build it from source.

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OK I missed it :frowning:

You can also install Ubuntu via gnome boxes, and then install easy installer. Just five minutes of work.

I used it to install a ROM on an S6 edge. Worked quite ok.

I totally agree. Flatpak is growing and gaining users, and would really enlarge the audience of the people “curious” about alternative mobile OS. Plus, people like me who don’t like to use Snap on Linux would have a choice

I agree as well. Snap is the worst of the distro agnostic packaging formats imo. Using Flatpak or AppImage makes a lot more sense to me. Probably Flatpak, since more people would find /e/ that way.

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