[LIST] Apps that work or do not work with microG

I’m going to paste links to apps that don’t work.

Crypto.com https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=co.mona.android&hl=en_GB

iSaveMoney https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.colpit.diamondcoming.isavemoney&hl=en_GB

Both crash on launch. Pity as I was using both.

Spotify lite

Not working:
uber lite

Galaxy S9+ bought from /e/ store
fully updated everything

I am not sure that is required. I suppose there is no reason (related to /e/) that an app from F-Droid should not work. I would say the rest (Aurora or /e/Apps) people will figure out themselves.

On Firefox it is difficult to search the list. When using CMD+F one enters in the global forum search bar. I assume this cannot be prevented?

A quick test on Chrome and Safari showed that searching the page (and not the forum) works better.

Note that apps requiring license verification apparently must use the Play Store (not to be confused with Google Play Services). This is not an issue with microG.

See for example how I got the OBDLink to install add-ons after installing a patched Play Store, working with microG: OBDLink app unable to load add-ons

Also, apps not working on phones that are rooted or have Magisk are also not necessarily issues with microG.

The title is a little misleading.

P.S. Spotify is working for me on a LG G4 H812.

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I agree. That’s why I didn’t add a column for it when I created the table :slight_smile:

I did create a gg column to indicate whether Google account / login is required, but not many people provided that information. I’ll leave it there for now as I can see it might be useful.

Hi Manoj,
you can add MaBanque app from Credit Agricole (fr) it works fine for me.
I don’t use /e/ but Lineageos+MicroG, I guess if it works on the 2nd it’s ok for the 1st.

Appologies Manoj for the request. I haven’t see it’s an editable list I add it directly .

No issues @radprec …thanks for adding to the list

MicroG keeps stopping on my Samsung7, eg with Tutamail and PayPal, but it doesn’t seem to prevent these apps actually working. Tutamail, and some other apps, do often randomly stop working and sometimes have to be Force Stopped in Settings>Apps then started up again.

Possibly a silly question: how do I know if an application even tries to use microG? Is there a log somewhere were I can check which app tried to make which API call?

If the app uses Google Cloud Messaging (and is registered in Settings > MicroG > Google Cloud Messaging), you know it uses at least one Google API.

But indeed it’s not obvious. This list is basically a list of apps working or not, and when an app doesn’t work there is high chance it is due to the lack of support of Google APIs by MicroG.


In the above list I see the NPO app (Nederlandse Publieke Omroep: Dutch Public Broadcasting) as working with microg. For me, it always used to work, up until the updates from version 0.2.11 en 0.2.12. The app opens and I can browse, until I click on an actual program. Then the app forcecloses. Seems a similar issue to: https://www.reddit.com/r/MicroG/comments/itds0a/fakestore_causing_apps_to_crash_bbs_sounds/ where this forceclosing is suggested to be linked to firebase messaging.
Another app which doesn’t work for me (the only other one of all my apps) is the app for the Dutch newspaper Trouw.

Ok, thank you for clarifying this.

I cannot see the link to edit the table. These apps are working:

Garmin Connect
Zoho Mail
Zoho Notebook
Podcast Republic
Fujifilm Camera Remote
Qustodio Parental Controls (Parent App)
Bank of America (US)
Chase Bank (US)
Capital One (US)

No working
Flipboard (works but I cannot click the button to log in by email).


You need to read some more posts and stay a little bit longer on the forum to reach the next trust level. Then you’ll be able to edit wikis.
To make it easier I’ve just added your apps to the wiki for you. Hope that was ok.


Struggling with Castbox and MS Outlook email account. Do you have any experience with those two? I don’t want to add them to the list, if it’s only my encountered problem.

Latest version of microg ( fixes the forceclosing in NPO is fixed - probably because of ‘partial support for Firebase authentication’. So good news.

Hi, something seems wrong… I’ve spent almost 2h reading posts and still didn’t get edit to TL1. Any ideas?

Sorry for bothering, I only want to add my personal findings to the table :slight_smile:

Pl check again .You should be able to see the edit icon below the post.

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