No trust level promotion although criteria have been met?

Hey there! I’ve recently installed an unofficial /e/ OS build on the GX290 thanks to the files provided by another member.

To give back a little to the community, I’ve prepared a 4-page writeup of the procedure for Windows PCs with links to all the necessary files.

But when I try to post the message in the thread (Gigaset GX290 Plus - nevermind my consecutive posts, it seems Gajus deleted some replies with outdated links), I only get the error message “Multiple errors occurred: 1) We’re sorry, but new users are temporarily limited to 3 replies in the same topic. 2) Sorry, new users can only put 2 links in a post.”

So I guess I’m still at trust level 0 despite having met all the usual Discourse criteria for TL1 several days ago? I even completed the new user tutorial recently, but to no avail. Others seem to have suffered from the same problem in the past ([LIST] Apps that work or do not work with microG - #40 by robertb).

Any ideas on what the problem could be? Have I been too trigger happy with my replies and gotten my trust level locked somehow?

Edit: Looks like I’ve been manually promoted by Manoj now. Thank you very much!


Admins! Give this guy the posting privilege we need community supporters

This was resolved long before your post, see edit at the end of the opening post and Gigaset GX290 Plus - #45 by skriba :wink: .

@Manoj: Are the trust level requirements here the same as Discourse defaults?


I did not promote you manually. New users need to spend some time on the forum to be able to move to the next level. You made the category and got to the next level.

We have had issues with some users who have misused their trust levels in that they reopened posts that the original posters wanted to close, or renamed posts which resulted in the original posters complaining.
Not all users come to this forum with the intention of helping other users. We have trolls who regularly post abusive content.
Compared to forums like XDA which do not allow posting any external links, we do allow a certain liberty to users but then not everyone comes here as /e/OS users but use this forum to promote their own product or some other software.

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I see. The only advice I can give other new users then is to open a new thread in addition to fulfilling the default Discourse requirements for TL1 (as posted above by AnotherElk). I was promoted not too long after I posted this thread.

Please don’t take this the wrong way: I understand that keeping the exact requirements a secret may have its benefits, especially since you are bound to have your annoying spammers, run-of-the-mill trolls and shameless self-promoters in a public forum.

It’s just that having no idea whatsoever on the TL1 requirements isn’t encouraging helpful new users to, well, be helpful. When I couldn’t post, I first looked up Discourse trust levels (there’s useful permission details out there even:, then some more on the exact requirements for promotion and on past users in the /e/OS community that also failed to reach TL1. When that didn’t yield a solution, I thought I’d do the new user tutorial with discobot. It wasn’t easy to find and also buggy in at least one step (the link-on-a-single-line thing isn’t properly recognised by the bot), and in the end it just made me feel like more of an idiot despite the certificate I got. :wink:

When even that failed to give me TL1 permissions, I dug some more and found out that Discourse allows forum admins to lock trust level promotions of specific users. At that point, I just felt unjustly grouped in with the aforementioned problem users, and having no other option but still wanting to contribute what I had promised the other member, decided to go the extra mile and post this thread which eventually did the trick.

What I’m trying to say is: I don’t think many new users are stubborn enough to jump through these hoops to actively participate in a forum (and possibly helping others by doing so). Again, this is not a rant and I totally get there’s a downside to making the requirements transparent. I just feel that keeping new users uninformed about the trust levels is counter-productive when it comes to encouraging them to contribute. Worst-case scenario, it’s cultivating this breed of users that opens a new thread with a question, then ends it with “nevermind, I solved it”. :wink:

Though all this might be more appropriately addressed to Discourse itself.

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I remember I had the same problem back then – not being automatically promoted as described in the Discourse defaults mentioned in AnotherElk’s link further above. What I vaguely remember is that there was some “unlocking” in that respect once I had attained the “/e/ user” Title – which, if my memory is correct, happened right or soon after I had created my (free) /e/ cloud account.

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