[LIST] Carriers that work or do not work with /e/OS country-wise

Hi everyone,
Is there anyone here with a Verizon plan/account that could get an updated list/info from Verizon?

There is a list of Verizon certified unlocked android phones on their community website, but it is 3 years old… And I don’t have a Verizon account to sign in and get a revised list

I haven’t been able to locate anything more recent. This would be helpful to document potential compatible phones and test those models

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@alexis, This is not a direct answer, but in the meantime, here’s a recent “general” list from Visible (Verizon-owned MVNO), just for a start: Visible | It's Phone Service. In An App.
Also see: What Android phones are compatible with Visible? | Android Central

It may be that Verizon has moved from a list of devices to a simple IMEI checker: Check Your Device's IMEI | Bring Your Own Device to Verizon


That is very helpful, thanks @Taurus !


These might help, for cross-referencing:


Wow, this is great! Thanks !


please add: AU (Australia) OPTUS network (and it’s re-sellers) works without any issues :ok_hand:


This is a wiki post so you could edit it yourself.

My Teracube 2e works quite well using Union Wireless network here the Wyoming, USA wasteland.

My Moto G7 Power works very good with T-Mobile in Poland :smile:

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They can do this in several ways:

  1. By IMEI (can be faked)
  2. By browser User-Agent (can be faked or obfuscated by VPN/Tor)
  3. Other hardware or OS-specific behaviour (TTL of packets, list of servers that are contacted, etc.) - not likely to be implemented as it’s not 100% reliable. (can be obfuscated by VPN/Tor).

I too thought there were no phones that would work on a CDMA Network (Verizon) as every e.foundation supported model I looked up (namely Samsung) was a GSM edition. Samsung likes to create many sub-models for each carrier. I was even exploring the other networks which are poor in my area, and was ready to make a compromise on service quality until I found the solution.

Then I found the USA Pixel 5 (redfin) which supports all GSM & CDMA Networks in one single model, you just need to find the carrier unlocked version (which also has an unlocked boot loader). I found a vendor on ebay in March of 2022 for 359$ and I activated it today on Verizon. Pretty excited! Thanks e-Foundation!! I tried Calyx first and then went to e-Foundation, this has been a goal of mine for years.


Fortunately, Verizon will retire CDMA at the end of 2022: CDMA Network Retirement | Verizon

So maybe more devices can both install /e/OS and work on Verizon’s network.

I use two Essential PH+1 phones, both have cell service with Tracfone, one is on AT&T towers and the other on Verizon. Both phones worked great with /e/OS. Recently I needed to move the Sim cards into different phones and found I had two problems.

If I put the Verizon Sim card in a phone with /e/OS already installed it would randomly reboot into recovery, telling me my data my be corrupted and to factory reset if I keep having the problem. Often I had to reboot 3-4 times for the phone to boot and work.

If I put the AT&T Sim card in a phone with /e/OS already installed, it would sometimes loss mobile network data, causing the browser and some apps not to work. A reboot or cycle of Airplane mode got it working again. The status bar always showed a good data connection.

Oddly, the solution to both problems was the same. Always made a backup! Flash the stock firmware, boot recovery, factory reset, power off the phone and install the Sim card. On boot up, run the basic setup, connect to WI-FI and you don’t need to add any accounts. After that installed /e/OS, restore the backup and the phone works great again.

This may help if you’re having problems using /e/OS with any mobile network.

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I’m relatively new to flashing custom ROMs but I did install /e/ Foundation Android on my Nexus 6P a month or 2 ago and it’s working well. I’ve been carrying it around and using for as many tasks as I can, just to evaluate it. It’s worked well enough that I’ve been considering making it my daily driver again. Well, this weekend I dropped my daily driver (Moto G Stylus) and shattered the screen, so I stopped in to U.S. Cellular to make the switch to the Nexus 6P. But we couldn’t get it working because all of the Mobile Network Settings are grayed out. She even tried installing a new SIM card…still no luck.

Any ideas what I need to do?


I see my question got moved into this thread…thanks! But I’m wondering how to interpret this. Since I don’t see U.S. Cellular in the " List of Carriers that work with /e/OS" that implies that my Nexus 6P will not work with /e/OS on U.S. Cellular. On the other hand, U.S. Cellular doesn’t appear in the " List of Carriers that Do Not work with /e/OS", so does that mean that it’s unknown if /e/OS will work on U.S. Cellular? Does the fact that my mobile network settings are grayed out mean that my phone will not work on U.S. Cellular, or is it possible I have something set up wrong?

Just want to figure out what direction to go with this…Thanks!


Hi @criageek welcome to the /e/ forum. I am missing whether you installed a SIM during your first month or so …

and it’s working well

Did this include working well with another carrier? or did you exclude testing calls?

Sorry…I should have been more clear. This Nexus 6P was formerly my daily driver and was working with the stock Google version of Android on U.S. Cellular. I replaced it last fall with a Motorola Moto G Stylus, also on U.S. Cellular. So I know that the device itself (Nexus 6P) works on U.S. Cellular. A few months ago I started fiddling around with custom ROMs and found /e/ Foundation. I want to rid Google from my life so I installed it on the Nexus 6P and have been using it for everything except making phone calls and texting, and it works well for everything else.

Last weekend I dropped my Moto G 5 feet onto concrete and the glass shattered so I figured that was a good time to make the switch to the Nexus 6P on /e/OS. But the gal at U.S. Cellular said that it was as if the phone wasn’t reading the SIM card (she even tried installing a new SIM card) and all of the Mobile Network settings are grayed out.

I hope that’s more clear :wink:


Might be helpful for troubleshooting if you could try a SIM from a different carrier. If that one also doesn’t work, then you would know it’s definitely a problem with the /e/ install.

In which case, a quick reinstall might fix it. You might just want to do that anyway. With your downloaded build on the micro-SD card, you should be able to boot into recovery and just reflash it. Your data and apps should remain intact, but do a backup from within the recovery first, just in case.

I’m not familiar with your device, but are there different builds available? (I also don’t have much experience with custom ROMs, so take what I write with a grain of salt.)

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Bad news for AT & T users on 2e …read the details from Teracube forum

In Sweden, Telenor works like a charm on /e/ devices.