[LIST] Carriers that work or do not work with /e/OS country-wise

These are editable details of carriers that work with the /e/OS …add for your country. For the list of carriers that do not work please scroll down

Pl add update details as applicable for your country.
In the Comments add any specific detail in case some specific features do not work.

List of Carriers that work with /e/OS

Country Carriers Comments
AT Magenta (= UPC + T-Mobile)
AT HOT using network of Magenta (T-Mobile)
AT spusu incl. sub-brand HELPm
AT 3
AU Telstra + Resellers
CANADA Virgin Mobile
CANADA Freedom
CH Coop Mobile Uses Swisscom Network
CH Yallo Uses Sunrise Network
CH Salt
CH Swisscom
CH Gomo
CH Galaxus Mobile Uses Sunrise Network
DE Blau uses O2 network
DE Congstar CS is a subsidiary of Telekom Deutschland that utilises the Telekom-network (of course)
DE Deutsche Telekom
DE Vodafone
DE Otelo (Vodafone) panel net indicator only active with mobile data enabled
DE Simon mobile (Vodafone) Simon mobile app works aswell
DE Aldi talk/medion mobile (Eplus/O2) alditalk app works aswell
ES Movistar Movistar/Telefónica
ES O2 Uses Telefónica/Movistar Network
ES Onlycable Uses Yoigo, Orange and Movistar Networks (national roaming in order of availability)
ES Simyo Uses Orange Network
ES SUOP Uses Orange Network
ES Yoigo
FR Bouygues telecom
FR Free mobile
FR Orange Sosh ( pas cher et sans engagement )
FR TéléCoop Utilise le réseau d’Orange
INDIA Airtel
ITALY Spusu uses Wind Tre Network
ITALY CoopVoce uses TIM GSM/GPRS Network
ITALY PosteMobile uses Vodafone Network
JP Softbank
JP mineo Uses Docomo’s network
JP KDDI VoLTE required
LU Orange
LU Post
LU Tango (Belgacom)
MX México Movistar not work - Oneplus 5
NZ Vodafone soon to be rebranded as “One NZ”
SE Hallon Uses Tre’s Network
SE Comviq Uses Tele2’s Network
UK 3 One of the last toprovide a strictly PAYG option
UK Your Coop MNVO using EE’s network
US AT&T VoLTE required
US Pure TalkUSA
US Red Pocket Mobile GSMA (AT&T network)
US Simple Mobile
US Speedtalk Mobile
US Straight Talk
US T-Mobile verify supported bands for your device, ensure your device supports VoLTE, LINK to Reddit discussion
US Metro by T-Mobile
US Mint Mobile (T-mobile network/VoLTE device required)
US Tempo
US Ting
US Ting (T-mobile network/VoLTE device required)
US Ultra Mobile
US Walmart Family Mobile
US US Mobile MVNO using both Verizon (4G LTE) and T-Mobile (4G LTE) SIMs: both work with /e/
US Verizon Troublesome CDMA network retired mid-2022. 4G LTE network working fine with /e/

List of Carriers that Do not work with /e/OS

Country Carriers Comments

For US Ting, they offer both Verizon or T- Mobile. Only T-Mobile works with /e/.

Doesn’t the carrier compatibility depend on the device? Do they actually ban an OS?

Or do you mean that Ting-Verizon just can’t work with the Samsung models that /e/ sells? Or maybe it has to do with Verizon having to whitelist the device for Ting. These carriers make everything way too complicated due to their proprietary rules.


Seems it’s a Verizon thing - see this quote from Manoj’s list:

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Ah, OK. I’m guessing he means the phones sold by /e/.

I imagine a device normally on Verizon’s approved list would pass muster if a user installed /e/ on it (assuming that’s possible to do).

Cricket (at&t) works in us.


I think the OS lacks APN settings to support CDMA.


Some great info here by @Taurus regarding cellular providers in the USA.

About Canadian providers, I’ve success to get it working with Bell and Virgin Mobile (last one owned by Bell and using same access point), but It was tricky, I’ve need to create an APN setting through ADB, because internet mobile wasn’t working. Originals supplied APNs are greyed out and are misconfigurated so they doesn’t give access to the internet mobile network.
One year ago, I was using Bell, to get it work, I had to plug my phone to my computer and enter that command into an ADB shell:

am start -a android.intent.action.INSERT content://telephony/carriers --ei simId -1

That’s allow to configure a new APN directly on the screen of the phone without root.
Three months ago, I’ve changed for Virgin Mobile, they’re using the same APN, but they seem to have made some changes because I’m not allowed to save that new APN created anymore with this last command.
I had to find a new way to get it working… Enable root with ADB though developer options, connect the phone to the computer, start a root shell with ADB, use that kind of command with rights settings concerning the providers:

content insert --uri content://telephony/carriers --bind name:s:"<Carrier Name>" --bind numeric:s:"<mcc><mnc>" --bind type:s:"default,sulp" --bind mcc:i:<mcc> --bind mnc:s:<mnc> --bind apn:s:<apn>

(This is an example, not the exact command, but I can retrieve exact settings if somebody need).

After the new APN created, I’ve need to select it into the phone settings, and reboot the device. It’s finally working.

So you can add Bell Canada to the list.
Hope it will help someone!


@NicQ , Which phone are you using, if I may ask?

@Taurus , Yes of course, I’ve got a Fairphone 3, my current version of /e/ OS is: v0.17-pie


You can also try this method.

Also, please be aware of how it works :

  • xml file is a static list, provided with each ROM (and reset at each flash)
  • what you use is a user database :
    – it is recreated from xml file when hitting “Reset” in APN settings, or at first startup (when no user data exist)
    – entries can be added to this database using touch interface, “content” command, or manually (it’s an SQLite3)
    – this database can be reset automatically by system, for example when Google choose to change the APN storage method (it happens several times in past years)

So, I’ll recommend to write down added entries outside of phone storage.
Also, not easy but possible, you can retrieve the settings from a TWRP backup (it’s well-known that we all make backups before upgrading our devices ROM :smiley: ).


@smu44 Thanks, I wasn’t aware of this method, next time, I’ll give it a try!

I purchased a Terracube 2e from the /e/ Foundation.

I am in the US and my carrier is Ting (using T-Mobile network).

Data and SMS/MMS work fine, however call quality is terrible. It’s pretty much unusable - either garbled or cutting in and out. Attempts to change location inside/outside, use headset, use speakerphone, and toggle WiFi calling resulted in no improvement.


I thought I read just recently where someone mentioned bad call quality. I believe they turned off VoLTE, then the quality improved. It was re-enabled, I think, while the call quality remained in the improved state.
I think. Maybe. Kind of. Sort of.


Could someone explain how it is that a carrier bans a “phone”? Is this related to

  • The OS on the phone, or
  • The phone hardware, or
  • The combination of the phone hardware and OS.

And lastly, does anyone have any experience with using a /e/ phone in China?

It’s not that the carrier bans a phone; it’s that it doesn’t allow the phone if it lacks VoLTE capability, or if it lacks testing and certification for VolTE on their network.

It’s because with 3G networks shutting down, a phone that can’t make calls over 4G LTE (or hasn’t been certified, and received the network’s authorization for it) won’t be able to connect.

Why don’t all OEMs certify all their devices on every network? Who knows!

The OS is immaterial.


Does this mean that VoLTE capability is a software issue, hardware issue, or both? It seems what you are saying is that this entire thread “List of Carriers that work with /e/OS” is misleading.


I imagine that most, if not all, modern modems (hardware, plus the software that runs that hardware) have the capability, so I would think it only requires the OEM to do the required testing and certification with the networks.

I don’t think the original intent of this thread had to do with VoLTE or non-VoLTE issues specifically. But because of the 3G shutdown, in some countries the networks have started to engage in whitelisting of devices, based on their ability to use VoLTE. [Edit: Also, a couple of countries may still be using CDMA technology, which might be a problem, at least for phones directly sold by /e/. @Manoj may know the answer to that.]

It might have been better to title the thread, for instance, as:

List of National Networks That /e/ Devices are Being Used On (Include Device Model)

[Edit 2: Another thing to consider is that models of the same device for different regions of the world may have different firmware, which is certified for VoLTE “here,” but not “there.” I experienced this problem with my phone and ended up having to flash US firmware to get VoLTE operational. This was before I installed /e/OS, however. I think /e/ replaces all that with its own firmware.

I’m currently using an AT&T-based MVNO, and my device is not certified for AT&T, so I don’t see “Enable Voice Over LTE” in my settings. When I insert a T-mobile SIM, the VoLTE setting appears, but I haven’t tested the connection, because that SIM is expired. I plan to attempt a switch in the near future, though.]

[EDIT 3, Oct 16, 2021: I have now switched to Ting, which uses T-mobile USA’s network. My device is successfully using VoLTE. (Ting can also run on Verizon’s network, but higher up the thread, people say they can’t use Verizon with /e/.)]

From what I have tested so far, Orange in Poland works perfect on /e/ os.

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