[LIST] Existing devices upgraded to /e/OS S

Hello @Infinity You would not be the first person to do that others have done similar. As far as I remember it works but as everyone should have, a backup would be nice in case something goes wrong.

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Yes, a backup is great, but as far as I know there is no working TWRP for OnePlus7Pro. So I guess I’ll have to jump into the dark

Have not been using TWRP with /e/, there has allways been e-recovery around.

Okay, understood. For me the only backup is a NANDroid. All others will cost me 3 days anyway to fully re-setup my device.

Nothing beats making a NANDroid before any update or tweak, then just do it, and if anything goes wrong, just put back the NANDroid. All others are just too difficult or time consuming (for me).

Thanks for your reply, don’t get me wrong!

All good :blush: Never needed it so I have no idea about it but I would also not want to spend 3 days doing something I could prevent not doing :wink:

:warning: W A R N I N G :warning:

Could these here apply perhaps? …

Warning: Please note this upgrade build could not be tested as there were no device specific testers available. Some devices may need a revert to stock ROM prior to upgrade. To flash the stock ROM you would need to use a tool provided by your vendor. You may also need to download a recovery image built specifically for your device.”

Caution: Before following these instructions please ensure that your smartphone is on the latest Android firmware available for your device. For example if available, before flashing /e/OS ‘S’ install Stock Android 12. Similary before installing /e/OS ‘R’ it should be Stock Android 11 or before installing /e/OS ‘Q’ it should be Stock Android 10. Check you device vendor’s website to download the required Stock ROM.”

If LineageOS 20.0 (Android 13) is running, then /e/OS ‘S’ (Android 12) should also work!

/e/OS is based on LineageOS, but it isn’t LineageOS. And obviously Android 12 isn’t Android 13.
I understand the thinking, and it would be desirable if it was that easy, but I fear it isn’t.

I don’t have this device, though, so very probably others can be of more help.

In case you still haven’t noticed: I helped myself.

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Some guacamole TWRP references.

[RECOVERY][3.4.0-10][U][guacamole]Official/Unofficial TWRP recovery for OnePlus 7 Pro | XDA Forums

Official TWRP for A12 ONEPLUS 7 PRO is now released. | XDA Forums

TWRP 3.7 - OnePlus 7 Pro (guacamole)

how to make twrp work in your stock A12 | XDA Forums

@Manoj Easy Installer can be used on my OnePlus 7T. If I use that will that upgrade my device that already has /e/ OS R to S and keep all my apps and settings intake? Will /e/ OS S be available through System Updates in settings? When I go there it says no updates available. I’m on /e/ OS R 1.81.

Most probably not yet, as there currently seems to be no /e/OS S stable build yet for the 7T, and the Easy Installer only installs stable builds.

In general the Easy Installer will execute the respective manual install instructions in a guided, more user-friendly way as compared to users executing the necessary commands themselves in a command line.

The manual install instructions for the 7T contain steps such as “Unlocking the bootloader” (forcing a factory reset for security reasons = deleting your data, Apps and settings) as well as “Format the device” (deleting your data, Apps and settings).
So, you should expect the Easy Installer to do this for you along the way.

Not announced so far for the 7T, you can follow proceedings here, see “OS OTA upgrades” … https://community.e.foundation/tag/development-updates.
And it would require you to be on the stable release channel (how to check).

Interesting that it says that because on the webpage that lists all the devices it shows the OnePlus 7T as Stable for /e/ OS S.

Also there’s this on the OnePlus 7T page. There’s a link to the Stable S build but the website it goes to does not have the S build. @Manoj is the S Stable build going to be included soon?

The stable v1.9 for the hotdogb is showing up now

Will /e/ OS S be listed as Stable soon?

The stable tag gets assigned to particular devices which have an /e/OS dedicated maintainer. It is not assigned to an OS as we support a huge list of devices, and it is not always possible to test all the builds on devices. We add the device to the Easy Installer supported list. Please also note, stable builds will be a bit slow in coming …usually a few weeks after a dev release.


@Manoj I don’t see the S stable versions for the FP3 to download, only r (1.8.1). Is this correct?

And if I am on R dev 1.8.1, I need to manually upgrade to S dev in order to have 1.9, right?

Thanks a lot!

Yes, OS OTA upgrade builds are only for stable builds. Dev builds need to be manually upgraded.

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