List of installed apps from within the Apps app?


Perhaps I missed it, but is there a way to view all the apps that were installed using the Apps app from within the Apps app?

I ask as I’d like to re-review the properites (scores, permission, trackers, etc…) but the only way I’ve found is to re-search for the app and then find the one that has an ‘open’ icon instead of the ‘install’ icon.

Yes, I can get a list of installed apps from settings → apps & notifications → see all XX apps, but this includes apps from everywhere, doesnt’ contain a link back to the Apps app and doesn’t show the app properties that are shown in the Apps app.

that’s a valid use case, reviewing the scores.

The privacy dashboard cat at least show you when a permission was last utilized.

to get the installed apps via “Apps” there is a feature request at

you could add a description of your use-case

I only know the package manager command to list installer source, but this does not help you:

pm list packages -3 -i

      -3: filter to only show third party packages
      -i: see the installer for the packages
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