[LIST] Unofficial Builds made by Forum users

The table below will have a list of unofficial builds made by users of this forum. ROM builders can share details of the builds they created. Enter all the information to help users make their decision.

This is a user editable table.

:nerd_face: What are Unofficial Builds:

- Builds are made by forum users
- These builds are not official released by /e/OS
- Made using /e/OS sources code with no modifications or customization
- May or may not receive OTA updates. Check with the ROM builder
- Will be tagged as “UNOFFICIAL”
- Release Frequency: at the discretion of the builder
- Install these builds at your own risk

How to fill the table below:

Vendor: Name of the manufacturer - Samsung, LG , Fairphone …
Device Name: Name of the Device …Zenfone Max M2
Device CodeName: Codename of the device - FP3, starlte …
/e/OS Version: /e/OS T, /e/OS R
Release Date & Year: Date the build was created.
ROM Maintainer: user ID from the forum
Tested: Was the build tested. Possible values : By Builder, user tested, Not Tested
Download: Link from where the ROM can be downloaded

Vendor Device Name Device CodeName /e/OS Version Release Date & Year ROM Maintainer Tested Download
Google Pixel Tablet tangorpro 1.17-t 2023.11.13 ronnz98 No SourceForge
Nothing Nothing Phone (1) spacewar 1.17-t 2023.11.12 ronnz98 Yes SourceForge
Samsung Mega 6.3 meliusltexx 1.16-r 2023.10.10 sileshn SourceForge
Samsung Galaxy S5 neo s5neolte 1.16-r 2023.10.31 ronnz98 Yes SourceForge
Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 9.7 (2015) gts210wifi 1.16-r 2023.10.14 ronnz98 Yes AndroidFileHost
Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 8.0 (2016) gts28vewifi 1.16-r 2023.10.14 ronnz98 Yes AndroidFileHost
Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 9.7 (2016) gts210vewifi 1.16-r 20231014 ronnz98 Yes AndroidFileHost
Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 9.7 gts3llte 1.16-r 2023.10.17 ronnz98 Yes AndroidFileHost
Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 9.7 gts3lwifi 1.16-r 2023.10.17 ronnz98 Yes AndroidFileHost
Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 perseus 1.17-t 2023.11.26 smu44 Yes AndroidFileHost
Xiaomi Mi 9T davinci 1.16-t 2023.11.02 ronnz98 Yes SourceForge

There were an outdated list from @Anonyme that can be a source : List of UNOFFICIAL /e/ builds (Part 1)

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The idea is to have an up-to-date list of unofficial ROMs. One that can be edited by users or the ROM Maintainers themselves.


what about recovery-e availability / links in the table ?
and how to sort alphabeticly by vendor name / model name ?

I suggest to add a link to build date, as some devices may have special instructions.

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