Listen to a discussion about /e/

Watch a discussion in this podcast about /e/ at :


:rofl::joy: The YT link is killing me :+1:

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YT is where they posted it. We do not have or want to control where users / online reviewers post their content.

Ahh I understand. Also I’m not mocking anyone!!! I just thought it was funny…

Also not trying to discourage anyone from using platforms like YT but it’s always good to know alternatives. You can simply change the domain youtube(.)com with invidio(.)us to use this service free of trackers:


@PNJ88_Beast yes I love invidious. Thanks for sharing this great site!!!

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If you put the whole title of the video the folks complaining about youtube links can find it via the newpipe android app (privacy from youtube) tho those links dont work for PC as its android only.

I`m on pc for the forum so dont mind the youtube links tho one user suggested which seems to be a youtube frontend tho dont know anything about it.

Yeah is only a YT proxy, still connects with one connection to Google but you gotta admit that’s better than YT which tracks and shows ads!


If you tap on a YT link in your phone and you don’t have a default app set, it should prompt you to choose which app you’d like to use to open the video with, then choose NewPipe from there.

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The part about /e/ starts at 28 minutes in.