LiveDisplay acting up since /e/OS 1 FP3+

Dear all,
Since updating to /e/OS 1, the LiveDisplay (adapting the blue-hue based on the time of day) is acting up. Sometimes I have a very orange screen during the day, and the screen stays bright blue in the evenings. Any idea on what might be the issue here?


I have same problem, the screen is like disco. Really really REALLY annoying. Live display settings don’t work and the screen keeps changing blueish and yellowish like a disco.

Samsung S9 /e/os 1.0

I think I have found the problem as (maybe due to advanced privacy widget that I haven’t used) the phone thinks my location in the Philippines. Although it rains here, I am pretty sure that’s where the similarities between Manilla and Amsterdam end.


Thanks, that seems to be it.
Just selecting to use the real location does not fix this immediately. My phone stayed orange until I opened an Application that requested my location. Only then LiveDisplay changed back to daylight mode.
Obviously, first putting my fake location near my true location before turning location spoofing off fixed this as well.

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I am now really done with it. All the GPS apps are placing me in the Philippines and I can’t trigger the location.

Turn Adv. Privacy off and your back in Amsterdam