LiveDisplay et Date et Heure FP3+

Si le réglage «Utiliser la date et l’heure fournies par le réseau » est désactivé, lors d’un redémarrage du téléphone, l’heure n’est plus juste ni en mode 24h, et la date n’est pas affichée correctement.
Et la vérification des mises à jour échoue, pas de connexion réseau.
Connectivité de wifi est limitée .
LiveDisplay ne fonctionne pas.
Impossible d’enregistrer des pièces jointes à partir de mail sur la carte sd
Mise à jour du 10 novembre.

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Maybe too many topics in a single post? Still, I want to react to this:

Indeed, I’ve got an up-to-date (2020-12-14 build) FP3+ / Android 10, and at each reboot I have to open a window to grab some network coverage, otherwise the time is like 00:20 and the date seems to be more or less the date of the build. It looks like, upon shutdown, the date fails to be saved or something.

This may sound like a trivial matter, but I suspect that weird things occur if I send or receive SMSs too early, before the date is fixed via the mobile network. I once saw an SMS disappearing when I tapped “Send”. :sweat_smile: Maybe it was placed waaaay higher in the discussion, according to the wrong date and time. Dunno.

(And yeah, LiveDisplay never worked for me. The first thing I do after each OS update is checking whether that changed. xD Maybe I should look for release notes, btw.)