LiveDisplay not working

Hi there!
I’m new to /e/, as I just bought a Teracube 2e with /e/ installed. My problem is the following: I’d like to change the screen color to warmer tones, but somehow when I choose “automatic” in LiveDisplay settings, it always automatically turns back immediately to “inactivated”. I can’t access any other options in “LiveDisplay”, as it is inactivated. Could any other parameter be messing with LiveDisplay?

I have the same issue. Couldn’t find a solution yet.

Perhaps check out

If your issue is due to GPS Advanced Privacy – Fake My Location is likely to change the behaviour from Lineage.

I want to change he temperature of the screen colour to a warm red colour.
If I enter the LiveDisplay options to change the current settings, nothing is changed after choosing “night”. Instead, it swiches back to “off”.

How to change sustainably into “night”-mode?

I never use LiveDisplay but checked it out on my T2e with 1.10-r.
The feature seems to be non-functional. It should immediately change when selecting an option in ‘Display mode’.

Question: Do any of you have anything below in the Advanced section?
For me it is completely blank.
Checking other devices & ROMs going down to Oreo (including another /e/OS) they all have at least ‘Color calibration’ and ‘Reduce power consumption’ toggle.

Checking the Teracube forum I see two mentions of LiveDisplay not working on /e/OS and LOS 18.1. Both from over a year ago.

I had little experience of LiveDisplay other than assuming its main feature was automatic Day / Night – seems working in Samsung A3.

I can go to Display > LiveDisplay > Colour temperature and make immediate changes:

  • Extreme change on the device, but on the preview these images look the same colour !