Loading problem after update

Hey there,

I’m new here. I bought the Fairphone with e/OS directly from the eFoundation shop in september. I was very happy to finally find the perfect smartphone to identify with.

After the last update to /e/OS 0.13-2020121490326 I always have to shoot down the system, remove the battery and put it in again and restart only to load the battery. There’s no detection of simply connecting a power supply. The power supply is definitly not the problem. Original item of a quality HP notebook. I already had to buy a new battery for the phone in November (after 2 month!) because the original one was just broke (output voltage broke down even with high kOhm loads…).

Do I have a problem with the hardware or the OS?

Anyone else having these problems?

Any need/way to complain the phone?


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Hi @bossa as you have purchased the phone from /e/ Pl send a mail to support@e.email with all the details.


sorry for my late response. Alone with young kid, full time job and lockdown is sometimes challenging… :slight_smile:

As my support case was already closed I give my feedback here.

I tested everything mentioned here:

Without battery and with applied power cable the Fairphone does nothing at all.
With battery and charging via a range of common smartphone power supplies always ended in a blinking red light over hours and hours. Nothing else happened.

Next I did a bit of research on USB-C. It was new to me, that it can supply voltages up to 20V. The sink device should „request“ the „right“ voltage is what I found out so far… however this is realised exactly… But I also found comments of poeple having trouble with too high voltages for charging their smartphone. Some with warning messages on the screen, some without. Hmmm… For me this does not really look like a very universal standard. Or maybe too many manufacturers do not stick to that standard. As I told, I also used a HP laptop power supply with up to 20 V.

However, I again ordered a new battery for the Fairphone 3. I now will try to always charge it with common smartphone power supplies with 5V output only. So in a few month I hopefully can give you feedback if this have been the solution and we/you should share this information for others. So far my Fairphone 3 is alive again…