Local support for installations and Flash parties

Recently, there have been a few posts from users requesting help with installing /e/OS on their devices. Not sure how many of you remember, but we used to have user-organized flash parties in EU countries. These stopped once the pandemic started, and along with it came the lock-downs across cities.

Wanted to check if expert users in EU would be interested in joining together and organizing flash parties to help out such users.
We even had a section on the forum where a calendar could be set to mark such upcoming events
The rules remain the same…

  • It is user organized and entirely voluntary,
  • The users who get their devices flashed understand that they are getting their devices flashed on their own risk
  • If possible, we can check if /e/OS team members who live in the vicinity can make it during these parties
  • From /e/OS, we can check if some goodies like stickers and t-shirts can be made available to participants
  • Flashing of OS need not be restricted to /e/OS but can involve other custom OS and may be even revert to stock where required :slight_smile:

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