Localization issues with google maps and other apps

Hi everyone,
I am a user of a Samsung S9 phone with /e/ OS installed. Overall it is working fine and I am quite happy with it.
tl;dr: Magic Earth has access to my current position satisfactorily, all the other apps on my phone don’t (or it gets updated really rarely)… I don’t understand why…

There is just an issue that I am struggling to fix related to localization / GPS.
When looking at the default maps app (Magic Earth), the GPS is working totally fine (or sufficiently well, I am not using it that much). But it seems that other apps such as google maps are not working properly (my position appears as a grey circle and seems to be updated very rarely. If I am moving to a new place, it is frequent that the position still recorded is where I was hours before…
So far, since I am not using these kinds of apps frequently, it was barely a problem and I didn’t bother to fix it… However, I am recently using a new gym app, gymlib, which requires that my phone’s localization is next to the gym so that I can access it. I can’t really use this app and I am stuck in fixing this issues.

Do you have an idea of where it is coming from?


Regain your privacy! Adopt /e/ the unGoogled mobile OS and online servicesphone

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Do you mean the app Google Maps … on a degoogled phone ?

Some have reported that https://maps.google.co.uk/ works satisfactorily on the default Browser. Does this apply in your case?

You might try to install Local NLP Backend … available from App Lounge … this may help speed up a fix.

I guess you are aware of Fake My Location part of Advanced Privacy ? Use of a VPN might in some circumstances nehatively affect location.

Yeah, it is google maps…
It was mostly for trying to understanding what’s happening… Some of my apps are using location and none are working outside of Magic Earth.
Thank you for your answer I’ll try what you said!

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same issue here with my S9