Location doesn't work anymore on my Galaxy S9

Hello all,

So far I’ve been enjoying e/OS on my S9 but I got strange issues with my GPS location.

At first (roughly a month ago) location was a bit slow but working well, then randomly would get wrong by pretty big distances but corrected itself once driving. Now it’s completely broken by 10 to 100 of km, navigation is unusable and I can’t use any location app (Waze, OSM, Maps, Citymapper, Liberty Rider etc.).

What I’ve tried:

  • Reboot
  • Safe mode
  • Airplane monde On/Off
  • Location On/Off
  • Fused location BT&Wifi On/off
  • Location spoofing in Advanced Privacy > switched between modes
  • Installed GPS Status & Toolbox > GPS sensor is shown as available

My e OS version

If anyone had an idea of the origin of the issue that would be of a great hep :pray:

I wonder if it could be an hardware issue since my phone had a fall 5 days ago, how could I troubleshoot that ?


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You could install GPSTest https://github.com/barbeau/gpstest from your favourite App store.

Take your phone outside well clear of buildings, and use the sky mode. Allow 5 minutes to stabilize. There is an estimate of the accuracy of the collected data. I usually get a reading at the top end of amber but not in green, on my Samsung A3 (2016).

Mostly my location is ok, it is good enough to work Magic Earth. Some apps use a random “wrong location”.

I also have installed Local NLP backend. In the past this has improved my location accuracy.

Seems to check ok with GPS Test, I got 5-7 GNSS but no SBAS, is the lack of SBAS a sign of hardware failure ?

I also get zero Satellite-based augmentation system – SBAS recorded by GPSTest in UK. I do not know how significant an issue this is.