Location of an offline calendar in the default calendar app

I’m an trying to do a manual backup of the offline calendar I’ve created in the default calendar app.

Does anybody know the location of this calendar on the phone? (I’m presuming this would be either a regular file or a DB file, but can’t find it anywhere in the phone filesystem).

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I would suggest using Calendar Important-Export for that.

Calendar Import-Export (Import, Export & Backup your calendars using ics files)


Not sure it is compatible with /e/OS 1.6s - although it downloads successfully, it fails to install (and of course, since App Lounge doesn’t show any logs, i cannot tell why).

It might be compatible only with older Android versions.

Hmm, maybe. I’m on q and r.
Did you download it from the linked site? If not try that.

Haven’t seen anything on their github yet regarding Android 12 issues specifically.

Simple Calendar from F-Droid supports exporting & importing events via .ics files.

The offline calendar you created in the default calendar app is actually stored in the Calendar Storage system app data, and will be accessible to Simple Calendar once you install it