Location of /e/ foundation headquarters

Where do you really have your headquarters? in France or in the USA? Are they really located in 3498 Joaquin Miller Rd , oakland, california 94102, US? (source: linkedIn)

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Please see “Legal Notice” at bottom of https://e.foundation/legal-notice-privacy/


This is indeed interesting … https://tt.linkedin.com/company/eelo.io
Either it’s just an office and somebody didn’t take the term “Headquarters” seriously when filling in the info at LinkedIn, or it’s the headquarters of a US branch which isn’t made clear, or the info is outdated, or … who knows.
Perhaps @GaelDuval knows?

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My guess is the LinkedIn address is outdated as it still refers to eelo. Have passed on this to the team to update.


Not sure it is related but, my personal experience is that Google Search does not update its cache for Linkedin profiles, so I had to expressly tell them to delete the cache so it wouldn’t show results from an URL that no longer existed. Google has a ‘cache remove’ tool available to do this. don’t remember how it’s called.

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