Location wrong!

My new Teracube 2E location is totally off! How can I fix it so location/GPS is accurate?

Hi @nancyp0913 welcome to the /e/ forum.

This report crops up quite often and I experienced it myself more than once ! It is known that Maps relies on factors other than pure GPS to get your fix on the map. Can I suggest you go about your business for 24 hours, hopefully some of it outdoors being significant, perhaps switching between wifi networks and mobile data a few times. I would be interested to know if Maps is then functioning.

(If you like that sort of thing) it might be a fun to install an app like GPS Test available free from App Lounge. (Even without reading the manual, pressing the buttons on the bottom of the screen gives a fairly intuitive idea of whether your device is really getting a fix. For instance indoors here I have zero in view and No Fix!)

Incidentally it is probably useful to allow Maps to download and update its map source. Quite a big download (if you might be charged for the data).

Thanks! I have MagicEarth. I don’t see Maps. Will that get me the same thing, or do I need to find/download maps.

Different subject… Isn’t MicroG Google? If so, why would that be on my “degooglef” phone?

Thanks, again! I’m coming from IOS,l so all Android is new to me!!

Sorry, Magic Earth = Maps, just alternative names :slight_smile:

https://microg.org/ (explained better in the link!) is a fairly complex piece of kit which is really all about faking as much as possible about you and then taking what you might want off Google servers, if that is permitted.

If you use sources which rely on contact with Google, MicroG aims to help without really revealing you. I feel one still has to be very wary about how much highly networked activity you get up to, all on one device.

You can have fun looking for trackers, if you like that sort of thing with

Well done making the leap from IOS !

Personally I find Mozilla UnifiedNLP always gives me the wrong position. I have found using Deja Vu location services coupled with My Location. The apps both available on FDroid give accurate results. [in my country at least]

Finally getting around to thanking you! I downloaded the two apps you recommended, and I disabled Mozilla. (Took me awhile…pesky iOS learning curve😛!) Seems to be working wonderfully. Now, the accuracy is within a few yards, generally, vs many miles away! I appreciate the help!!

I DO have one question. What does “lock GPS” get me in My Location ?

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Do you have ‘Advanced Privacy’ enabled? That’s got a GPS location spoofer, defaulting to a random location. That might be what’s doing it.

Lock GPS is said to be useful in the case that you are stationary but experiencing GPS drift. (Maybe it has other uses, idk.) I believe the idea is to lock GPS to stop the phone from, for instance, recommending one nearby coffee shop one minute, then asserting a different one is now closer! In the case of a Google phone performing this sort of activity, I guess it would save power. (As I do not know I suffer from GPS drift, I guess I never knew I needed it!)