Lock bootloader after flashing /e/!

Anyone ever try to lock bootloader after flashing /e/ rom in Google Pixel Phones?

I tried to lock the bootloader after flashing /e/ and my phone doesn’t start up anymore. I used to have copperhead os with a locked bootloader. Why won’t it work with /e/?

I think i Know the reason
LineageOS Rom don’t even touch CTS from source.android.com
Which every device do when stock rom get build… and LineageOS don’t support verified boot…
But copperhead build with hardened security and privacy which support verified boot too
So Copperheados was awesome …
Oh remind you that copperheados ceo is now created new project which is GrapheneOS
Cause CopperheadOS is Dead

DanielMicay from CopperheadOS has been developing GrapheneOS (AndroidHardening Project)

Yup and tommorow Android 10 GrapheneOS Beta test will release

Verified Boot is required to lock the bootloader. /e/ does not feature Verified Boot. If you are using /e/ the bootloader must stay unlocked.

/e/ is purported to be a more secure and private OS. How secure is it really?

Verified Boot is important for true device security and privacy. /e/ doesn’t support verified boot, and so /e/ isn’t truly secure.

Any mainstream stock OS will use verified boot. It is counterintuitive to replace a stock OS with a “secure” OS that lacks stock OS security features.

The /e/ foundation should prioritize implementing verified boot to fulfill its mission of user security and privacy.