Locked Bootloader Fairphone

As I understand, one little problem with LineageOS and /e/ is that one cannot lock the bootloader after installation.
FairPhone: As you work directly with the manufacturer in this case, is it possible for you to lock the Bootloader on Fairphone?
This would be a big an improvement on security.
Thank you very much.
Go /e/!

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Why then would locking the bootloader be the (almost) last step in the official /e/ install instructions? … https://doc.e.foundation/devices/FP3/install

Where did you get this from?

There is trouble with locking the bootloader again after rooting the phone with Magisk, but that’s a whole different affair and not a problem of LineageOS, /e/ or the Fairphone 3. Rooting would be on you.

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Thank you! My bad! I thought it was not possible.
I have read several times on different sites, that you cannot lock the bootloader once you have installed a custom rom. (like LineageOS).
So, if the bootloader is properly locked on the phones with /e/, that would erase my last concern regarding buying a phone with /e/.
Thanks again!

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I almost started a new topic, then I found this.

Flashed my FP4 with the latest /e/OS today according to the instruction. When I want to lock the Bootloader after installation, the first command is successful, but the last “fastboot flashing lock” causes an error: “fastboot flashing lock”
It will not boot anymore then.

I unlocked the Bootloader again and repeated the whole installation without the last step. /e/OS is working, but I get the (correct) notification that Bootloader is unlocked before every start/restart.

Any idea?

Have a look at my post here FP4 Device corrupted and won't boot in locked mode after fresh /e/OS install - #5 by chrisrg

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