Lockscreen turns blue when pushing power button

This post refers to /e/ version 0.19-20211027142976 on klte (Samsung Galaxy S5 LTE) and /e/ version 0.9-p-2020072364221-test-kccat6 on kccat6 (Samsung Galaxy S5 Plus).
When the device is locked and the screen powered off, every now and then (maybe 1 out of 50 times) the lockscreen shows up very briefly when the power button is pressed to wake the device up, and then a divided blue/black screen is shown with the current date and time:

The system is still reactive, but only to pushing the power button and volume keys, but not to swiping. So it is impossible to see the lockscreen again and unlock the device. The battery has to be removed. Once, I managed to get the attached screenshot by chance. Some other time, I was able to power off the device without removing the battery.
Does anyone have an idea regarding a solution or workaround?
A bug report is here: https://gitlab.e.foundation/e/backlog/-/issues/4186

This version is very old, and is for testing.
You may consider upgrade to latest : /e/ image ROM download (ask Samsung gurus if help needed :wink: ).

Thanks for your answer! I also realized that my klte is still running Android 9 (Pie), whereas on https://images.ecloud.global/dev/klte/ it starts with Q. It seems that the Updater does not upgrade the Android version.
So I’ll install the most recent version on both devices and report back if the error persists.

I haven’t had the time to upgrade my devices, but I just found another “workaround”: Connect the device to a PC and use adb shell followed by reboot.

Is there any shell command that unlocks the device without a reboot?

After upgrading to e-1.19.1-r-20240111372392-dev-klte the bug is still present.

Not the issue here, it is a phone feature!

I use the S5 as my daily driver for over year – and super happily!

Some how the phone switched to S5 book cover mode(FlipFlap), for those book cover, with a clear window in the location younow see the blue screen – it was the early version of Samsung’s always on screen.

You’ll find more here:

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I encountred the same on my S4 and s4mini, when a magnetic sensor detect the magnetic part of the cover or of the car support on the wrong part of the phone…