Login issue into Murena account


Today I have tried to log in, and a message appeared :

That was not totally clear to me, so I clicked on “Deny”. Result:

And I could not log into the account.

Is there a problem with the system?
Thank you

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Hi @sonyxa2 Which url were you trying to access when you got this error?

HI @Manoj

It was https://murena.com/my-account/

I just tried logging in and was able to log in with my e.email ID. On the second screen I clicked Accept and was able to log in.

Hi @Manoj

I understand, but the question is exactly why is acceptance the only choice. If so, why the option to choose?
In reality, the question I had to accept was not clear to me, and it was the first time I saw it, so I was wondering why I could not log in if I did not accept

Still same behaviour since last post.
When will it be fixed?

Thank you

Just want to confirm, are you suggesting we forcefully log in a person even if they do not click accept?

I am trying to understand why I am forced to accept if I want to log in.
My feeling is that it should not be the case if there are two buttons, accept / reject.

In addition, it was not clear to me what I had to accept, and this was the reason I did not, and I found it strange I could not log in

Still same issue and no reply… pity …
Perhaps I will try to write to helpdesk@murena.com

The standard response across websites is users have to accept to log in. That sequence will not be changed. The system cannot assume all who land on the page want to log in. I may be there but not want to log in.