Login or Signup to https://murena.io/ does not work with old "eelo time" account

As a backer for eelo->/e/ since 2017, after quite a long time I want to login again to https://murena.io/. I have no problem login to https://community.e.foundation, but have no chance to get in at murena.io.
The account should still use mail diego.maniacco@gmail.com ; I tried with old-archived password which is not accepted. Tried to get the invitation-mail for password-change, but it do not arrive, nor land it in spam. Tried to got via https://murena.io/signup/e-email-invite to Request Murena Cloud Account using same mail, but get message “Sorry! Your email was found as already registered. Please check your SPAM directory, your invitation might have landed there in the past!”.

As I would like to recover my old account on https://murena.io may anybody give me a support?


You would have used an e.email ID in 2017. If you remember that and the password, it should be possible to log in. If resetting the password from the login page does not work you can send a mail to helpdesk@e.email with account details.

Tnks Manoj, will try asap and give feedback.