Login to PagerDuty (via OAuth) using builtin browser doesn't work?

I’m having trouble getting the PagerDuty Android app to authenticate. PagerDuty uses OAuth via the browser, it directs you through a login process in my case via Okta then Duo, then finally back to a login page. I am coming from LineageOS w/ MicroG, and PagerDuty login did work there.

At the end of the login process you are dropped onto a page that says “Please wait…” I believe at this point it’s trying to have the browser return the token to the PagerDuty app.

I have done some investigation, it looks like this is an issue with Bromite, it should be reproducible by getting a free account with PagerDuty (though i have not tested this).

Other forks of Bromite also have the same issue https://github.com/GrapheneOS/Vanadium/issues/93 for example. But i couldn’t find the same logs via logcat, maybe it’s not logged anymore?

It’s made worse by PagerDuty not respecting the default browser, so i can’t find a way to disable the default browser (Bromite) so that i can use a different one that may work better for this login process.

Is there an easy way to remove the default browser temporarily so I can pass this login step?

Ok, i managed to work around it by running

  1. Remove the default browser adb shell pm uninstall --user 0 foundation.e.browser
  2. only have Brave browser installed, and use it to authenticate to PagerDuty
  3. Restore the default browser adb shell cmd package install-existing foundation.e.browser
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if you can run adb, you could create a logcat to enhance that vanadium issue. Without one bug attribution is hard.

I do wonder why the uninstall did help you and not just setting the default browser to something known to work (brave).

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