Looking for a E.U produced Murena or easy installer compatible device

Looking for a E.U produced Murena or easy installer compatible device to buy.

Please define “produced”.

Final assembly of parts might be possible (Gigaset?), but else you will not get around involvement of the rest of the world.

Fairphone and Shift for instance try to improve working conditions across their supply chain, also at the assembly in Asia, that’s not so bad.

If someone in the EU really would solve some problems and do it, I guess you would end up with a price near this one for low specs, ready yourself :wink: … https://shop.puri.sm/shop/librem-5-usa-refurbished/

I mean yes with a factory to create and build phones. Purism looks great but the offer don’t match with my needs at all, and the location of the shop sounds a complication.

Something like Crosscall maybe, they say they will make phones here in 2025. But it is 2025…

About Fairphone I own one good from them but I want to pay people to make something original. The Fairphone is a green Apple phone to me and it never been the solution to watch and follow others.

Perhaps you can elaborate how it is not original in its approach (which should mean we should have a ton of more fairly sourced and modular phones with longer software support timeframes from competitors, including predecessors from before Fairphone supposedly started unoriginally aping them), and how it resembles an Apple phone?

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Yes it is great I guess, I just think making phone to make phones like removing jack or adding optics is cosmetic. A Fairphone remains a consumer product in my daily life. Comsuming green is still consuming.

How would producing in the EU in whatever shape or form help with any of that?
Phones produced in the EU would still adhere to what vendors think a majority of customers want to have (or at least tolerate while prioritising anything else like thickness or waterproofing), so in most likelihood you wouldn’t get things like a headphone jack back just for the reason of producing in the EU, and it would still mean consuming to buy those phones.

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There isn’t really any.

As mentioned by s.o. else, there is Gigaset, formerly a Siemens Brand. They still assemble phones in Germany. It terms of ownership they are far from beging European (https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gigaset_Communications).

It even win’t be easy to identify phone manufacturers that are non-Chinese. That’s wäre most expertise currently is and They have a coat advantage.

But what, you say it is alright to anounce controls in the Fairphone production chain to push a green speech but owning a factory is not a nice principle to make this a sure reality ? ( also legally is probably more risky )

Let’s assume for a second companies like Fairphone or Shift actually audit whatever good they are trying to do in Asia, and leave that aside.

Of course there are reasons for production in the EU, I would welcome it for sure.
EU working condition standards would be a valid reason, as you say.
The mere number of jobs, however small or large, would be welcome as is I guess.
Gigaset (in insolvency proceedings, as I linked to above) do the end assembly mainly for marketing purposes (Made in Germany), so marketing could of course work as a reason.
Highest on my personal list of reasons would be contributing to more digital sovereignty. But whom in the EU would I be kidding with that at this point :disappointed:.

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Ok yes excellent point.
By the way I saw an article saying that Crosscall suffered from supplies problems during the Covid. That’s why now they’ve decided to secure the production locally.

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