Looking for a FM radio application


I’m looking for a FM radio application for my Samsung Galaxy A5. I didn’t find any application neither on the App Lounge, nor somewhere else.
Do you know a FM radio application (using tuner FM, without using internet) ?

-I checked the Samsung Galaxy A5 has a tuner FM inside.
-I installed the “NextRadio” application but it is not compatible : “the necessary software is not downloaded”. I don’t really understand this message, perhaps it is due to /e/OS.

Thank you for your answer,

This subject has been covered in the past. Search the forum.
If you’re device has a Qualcomm chipset then RFM Radio should work. If you have Exynos chipset you might be out of luck.

The lack of a radio app is pretty much the only regret I have with /e/OS on my Teracube. One of the reasons I got the device was because of FM radio.

The NextRadio thing is weird. For years I’ve tried to use it on both of my Moto devices that have working FM. Yet that app always fails. Strange.

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