Looking for a good VPN for privacy

I am looking for recommendations on a good VPN service for privacy. I have checked a number of the commonly suggested ones (Express, Nord …) but all of them have trackers in the android app. Is there one which does not have trackers, no logs, and no DNS leakage?

Thank you!

Perhaps it would be better to advise a good web resource for your own selection.

But if you wanted to hear something specific – Mullvad VPN is a great choice I think (you can ensure this by using the comparison table from the mentioned site).


When needed, I use proton VPN.


Should check out Nordvpn
I really love this vpn

there must be a good open source VPN available?

just found this, private internet access is going to make all its code open-source https://tweakers.net/nieuws/136425/private-internet-access-gaat-code-van-vpn-clientsoftware-open-source-maken.html


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By the way, Mullvad is open-source too.

But what I like most — they really care about their customers privacy. They don’t need any of your data (even email); accept Bitcoin, don’t store any logs; don’t have any third-party trackers on their website and even their cookies have the shortest expiration time.


J’ai vu cela proposé dans le “journal du hacker” sur Mastodon

Il est aussi possible de filtrer le DNS voir ici :


en utilisant dnsfilter.



I saw this proposed in the “journal du hacker” on Mastodon

It is also possible to filter the DNS see here:


using dnsfilter.


This isn’t an actual VPN but a DNS filter. As Android does´t have a way for applications to control the network of the smartphone in itself, most of them rely on the VPN connectivity, to be able to filter those connections.

I would suggest to actually follow privacytools recommendations, and requirements when choosing your VPN https://www.privacytools.io/providers/vpn/#vpn

However, if an actual free VPN is needed, It would suggest either to :

  • Use RiseUp or Calyx VPN service which are maintained by non-profit organisations, and is maintained trought donations.
  • Or, to use Orbot in order to redirect all smartphone network traffic trought TOR (Which is a bit more advanced than any casual VPN service)

i use proton vpn on my desktop, it has an app too, open source

Proton VPN.
Mullvad is also a great choice but they do not have an app for Android so it would have to be set up through OpenVPN.

yes i remember now, Bitmask seems like a v promising software for this. Both Calyx and Riseup are available through Bitmask, and others as well i think.

Thank you for all the suggestions. I will need to do some research.

I use ovpn.com
72 servers in 11 countries with 0 hard drives

That’s not like that with mullvad.
You can install the wireguard app from the e store.
They have plenty wireguard servers, which work fine with that app, just download the configs. So it’s not really needed to have a separate app to use mullvad on android.

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Maybe this one : https://mysterium.network/vpn/

Free, decentralized, no logs, uses blockchain technology. For dns leak, change your dns.


Became my new main one, And i think i’m gonna become a host of it btw. Thanks for it @GrappinBrutal


Now Mullvad starts to provide its own android app!

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I was having a look at privacy analysis results in the app store.

For the WireGuard app it says: Requires Camera permission.

Why does the WireGuard app (which is about VPN) require Camera permission!!??

Does someone maybe know?