Looking for a privacy-friendly collaboration tool

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At the moment I am looking for a tool that would help me to optimize daily routines in my family: shopping lists, duty schedules, various reminders and so on. Looks like the best option would be some kind of simple collaboration app, but at the moment I’m having trouble finding a good FOSS, preferably self-hosted alternative to popular services.
Here’s all I can figure out so far:

Padland — the client app for Etherpad, which is a pretty bizarre online text editor for groups. Not sure if this is the optimal solution.
Joplin — is one of the most popular note-taking apps that can be adapted for group work. It provides a good balance between functionality and simplicity, but is still tailored for other purposes. Besides, I don’t really like it’s GUI.

But maybe you guys have a better idea?

I think Grocy does everything you want, and is built specifically for home management.


Looks like a lack of choice. Speaking of Grocy, does it have a mobile version? I see screenshots maid in android, but can’t find the files to download.

I haven’t actually used it yet, so I’m not sure.

It looks like there’s no Android app. There may be confusion because I see an app called Grocy in the Play Store, but this seems to be an unrelated delivery app.

Screenshots may have just been using the app in the Android browser, which should be OK but won’t work offline.

Now considering Kolab Notes. This very simple tool seems to support any third-party IMAP servers.

Hi, if your needs are not too advanced, maybe you’ll be fine with the events and tasks sharing capabilities that comes with the Calendar application. You could create a new “family” calendar and share that with your members. Any new events or tasks created in it will be available to all subscribers and you will be able to set reminders too.

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What the exactly app are you referring to? The default Calendar app from AOSP? Or Etar that comes with eOS? Or some app from F-Droid?

Sorry, I was talking about the Calendar app at ecloud.global. From there you can manage and share your calendars which you can then sync with your phones.


Another way is to go to Accounts on your phone with eOS.

Select the /e/ entry and then the Account Settings.

Click on Create new calendar

Fill in the details for your new calendar and click Create.

Your calendar is ready to be shared with your family members.

If they also use /e/ then they have to use the URL of the calendar and subscribe to it from their ecloud.global account, and if they use Google they need to go to their Google Calendar to add it.

Maybe I have missed some steps, but I hope it will suffice to get you started.

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Grocy for Android is here finally!

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