Looking for a used phone with /e/ installed


I’m currently using a preinstalled /e/ FP3 for almost 4 years, and I’m happy with the OS, but the phone is starting to get a bit slow for me. I want my FP3 to become my secondary /e/ device in case something happens to my phone to have a quick replacement (cant’ be waiting for a new phone for a week, due to work reasons), and get a better specs /e/ phone to become my daily device.

I’ve been thinking about buying a FP5 with /e/ preinstalled but, apart from being quite expensive, my boyfriends 3 year old FP3 with Fariphone OS experienced sudden death, as the motherboard stopped working (I searched in Fairphone forums, apparently it’s a problem that’s happening to quite a few FP3), which made my a bit esceptical with Fairphone. Now I’m having doubts if my next /e/ phone should be a Fairphone. The problem is that there is no much choice: in the website, all Murena phones are out of stock but Fairphone 4 and 5!

I dont have time or trust myself with the Easy INstaller, I see many cases of people getting stuck or bricking phones, I dont want to go through that.

That’s why I thought maybe it could be a good idea to buy a used phone with /e/ OS preinstalled that has a bit better specs than FP3 (at least 8 gb ram, 128 GB with micro SD card slot and good battery life (or possibility of putting new battery)). If anyone has such a phone and is willing to sell, I will be happy to hear offers.



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