Looking for feedback on /e/OS with Oneplus nord

Has anyone here installed /e/OS on the (theoretically supported) Oneplus Nord ?

  • does /e/OS produces nice pictures like the oneplus usually does with android?
  • does /e/OS support the macro lense of the Oneplus Nord?
  • is the installation process any risky? (I really don’t want to brick my phone)
    Thx for any feedback!

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Hello, i use it, and it is working nicely in release 1.7, the hardware works good

(i have a few slow downs when swapping from one app to the other, like a freeze of 1 sec, and sometimes the keyboard that disapear since release 2.0)
Photos are good in good conditions of light. (mean i’m satisfied with it, even if not as good as original rom)

i never used macro lense in oneplus,

the process says you must be on android 12 do to the swap, but that was not working, i had to downgrade to android 11 to make it install /e/os (tips found in forum)


I didn’t manage to install it, and I switched to Lineageos…

@terminal, how did you downgrade to android 11 ?
I struggled to get clear informations.

I’ve been on a Oneplus Nord for a year now and I am very happy about it. the newest version 2.1 works well and after a bit of tweaking the ui I am happy (migrating from iOS).
I recently considered changing to Lineageos to get the newer Android version, but I might just change to the community maintained T (Android 13) instead. As i remember installing, I just followed the instructions and it was pretty smooth sailing.

When i installed eos on my nord it was the first times i was doing this type of things.
I bricked the phone and i’ve been able to unbrick it with the tools found online.
Now i’ve put the 2.1 on android S as i want something stable and all it seems running fine but i’m still testing.

About the other questions, idk as i’m not a picture addict.

After all i’m very satisfied about my nord with e os.

I’ve been using /e/OS on a OnePlus Nord for several years now and it has consistently improved.
I highly recommend it.
Went from being somewhat challenging and not fully functional to quite bulletproof and really seamless.
I have installed 5 times now on different devices including one time when I bricked this one and recovered it same as pablohc86
Ironically, the only complaint I have is the camera is TERRIBLE.
I never tried it with the stock Oxygen OS so no idea if its an /e/OS thing or what.
Probably the worst part if the panorama. Have almost never been able to get it to work.

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