Looking for linux DE design volunteers

Dear all,

thank you for your great attendance today at the /e/OS v2 launch event! Very exciting to see so many of you so enthusiastic about what we are trying to achieve.

This is a post to request the following: are there /e/OS users on the Forum who have experience with customizing the design of linux desktop environments like KDE, Gnome, etc? So I mean the icons, colors, fonts, window decorations, logos, et cetera that are used in the OS. If you are and you would be interested to work with us on a voluntary basis to help port Murena’s design to linux desktop environments, please drop me a message via the contact form on the Murena website!


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@Rik I will message you directly as well, but thought it was a better place to ask for clarification here since others may be wondering the same thing.

My question is that the things you mention seem to be more about theming a Linux desktop (splash screen / icon set / decorations) more than functionality. So are you looking for contributions to build an icon set or custom gtk theme graphical assets (designers needed) or instead collaborating with existing /e/ designers to have them do the design work and apply it to a Linux desktop? Since you tag multiple desktop environments maybe you are wanting to just build out a gtk+ theme (for Gnome, Budgie, Cinnamon, elementaryOS, etc) and a qt theme (for Plasma, LXQT, etc) but not actually apply to and maintain a specific /e/ linux distro?

I, for example, have done extensive debian based packaging to create and maintain Wasta-Linux, a customized Ubuntu variant with Cinnamon (from Linux Mint) as the DE. We have our own splash screen, “start button” icon, etc. but mainly we are selecting our theme and icons from the many great options already out there (Arc for gtk / desktop theme and Papirus for icons).

Since we target a gtk+ environment, these customizations are mainly applied by using gschema.override files that set default preferences (at the system level) so the starting ISO and any new user added to an existing install will have them but will also be able to override them manually themselves.

Beyond wondering about if you need design help or instead packaging / system customization help, another question is implied above: is /e/ looking to maintain a custom distro or to just have the icon and theme packs that users could add to their existing distro? If looking to create / maintain a custom distro, then @GaelDuval of course is the best for guidance, he started a lot of this from the ground level back in the day :slight_smile:

OK that is a long enough reply to hopefully gather a bit more clarification on the interest of contributions.


Will send you an DM @rikshaw !

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