Looking for pivacy respecting mobile phone tracking service

I’m looking for someone hosting this type of Phonetrack service

My young daughter is getting her first smartphone. Guess what? She has agreed not to be googled.
And I would like her to be able to find her phone if she loses it (no no no, I don’t want to watch her, I trust her, otherwise I wouldn’t give her a phone).

I cannot host Nextcloud at home. The electricity is not stable.

I tested FindMyDevice. What was a blocker for me was that although I tried to set the “find alarm” as Nuclear Alert, all I could hear when the phone is mislaid is one hit of medium volume tone! (maybe that is enough for a teenager) :slightly_smiling_face:

I also searched for a service to find my /e/ phone when if I will lose it. FindMyDevice is the perfect solution for me:
use only SMS - much more stable when there is poor internet (e.g. in the forest).
There is also the possibility to use a server if SMS is not wanted.

Would be really fine - when it will be part of eelo in the future.

Is that the new name to expect? ;- )

You could host your Nextcloud instance on a mobil-phone …
I plan to do that in the future.

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