Looking for some BUILDERS to teach / guide me

So the files you have are behaving as empty shells, guessing – how small are they, is that a clue ? https://gitlab.e.foundation/e/os/android_prebuilts_prebuiltapks_lfs

eOS Prebuilt APKs
This is a Git Lfs project. All APKs in this repository are considered as Lfs pointers to reduce the size of the whole repository.

run the git lfs pull until that directory has some megabytes per folder. Either via repo forall or navigate into the prebuilt lfs directory and do a git lfs pull on the tag your checking out

i am downloading a .ZIP from
i will extract it in
now :

ncdu 1.14.1 ~ Use the arrow keys to navigate, press ? for help                  
--- /home/antec/android/e/gts4lv/prebuilts/prebuiltapks ------------------------
    1,7 GiB [##########] /Browser                                               
  476,2 MiB [##        ] /MagicEarth
  355,4 MiB [##        ] /AdvancedPrivacy
  122,6 MiB [          ] /Talkback
   84,9 MiB [          ] /BlissLauncher
   62,3 MiB [          ] /VOSK
   35,7 MiB [          ] /GmsCore
   20,9 MiB [          ] /PdfViewer
   16,7 MiB [          ] /Apps
   15,9 MiB [          ] /AccountManager
   14,6 MiB [          ] /PicoTTS
   11,6 MiB [          ] /Message
   11,1 MiB [          ] /ESmsSync
   10,8 MiB [          ] /eDrive
   10,3 MiB [          ] /OpenKeychain
    9,5 MiB [          ] /Mail
    9,0 MiB [          ] /WebCalendarManager
    7,6 MiB [          ] /Notes
    5,9 MiB [          ] /Camera
    5,2 MiB [          ] /SeedVault
    4,7 MiB [          ] /Calendar
    4,3 MiB [          ] /Light
    3,9 MiB [          ] /OpenWeatherMapWeatherProvider
    3,8 MiB [          ] /Tasks
    3,3 MiB [          ] /eSpeakTTS
    2,0 MiB [          ] /DemoApp
    1,7 MiB [          ] /NominatimNlpBackend
    1,4 MiB [          ] /FakeStore
    1,3 MiB [          ] /BlissIconPack
    1,0 MiB [          ] /PwaPlayer
  104,0 KiB [          ] /DroidGuard
   76,0 KiB [          ] /MozillaNlpBackend
   32,0 KiB [          ] /GsfProxy
    4,0 KiB [          ]  README.md
    4,0 KiB [          ]  .gitattributes
@   0,0   B [          ]  .git

I like @tcecyks approach better and / or study why ‘git lfs pull’ has not pulled, or only partially ??

during doing this i was thinking as well : it is not a real solution in the long term.

you are right, and when read your comment, i throught he is right i am a too “punk”, harvey186 was used to say (about himself) i am partisant of "quick and dirty"

Ha ha :smile: Going back to @ronnz98 use of the apostrophe. Ca you see any way that might have gone wrong for you, do you copy and paste ?

yes i only do that !
because i am lazy and inculturate (i don’t understand unix grammar nor most of vocabulary)

do you mean the command given in ronnz98’s post are wrong ?
i have seen he have used **command instead of `` command, could it be the cause ?

Copy and paste is good and is what I do, because it is guaranteed and I often make typos !

Ron said that it was change of apostrophe made a difference for him.

From your ncdu, I speculate that you might have started pulling and the remote connection dropped. I think I have experience of this, but the terminal gives no response if anything fails the prompt just returns silently.

i remember that

when i close the terminal yesterday during a repo sync
Looking for some BUILDERS to teach / guide me - #55 by piero
and redo repo init and repo sync
but without deleting the partially downloaded sources…

so i will now delete all sources and redo repo sync

Before starting all again … try repo sync
straight after successful sync
run the lfs pull command.

Does something happen?

It is nice to have well tuned conky, but htop should indicate if something happens.

repo sync :
Fetching: 100% (871/871), done in 1m24.261s
Checking out: 100% (871/871), done in 53.096s
repo sync has finished successfully.

repo forall -c ‘git lfs pull’ >repo_foral_01.txt
instantaneous, file empty

This is sort of old knowledge and should long be overcome:

forum posts are also put into a editor and many systems to sanitising on user input written to databases, so they don’t turn into SQL-injections.

Different locale settings, language packages… can have an impact, which is why using a English default Ubuntu and Using Docker unifies things and makes trouble shooting easier.
My last build was ~10 years ago, as a sysadmin I never used Docker, but for getting back into building, I have accepted, this is the common ground these days.

So we need a fix, perhaps not >repo_foral – we have no idea if it is capable of feedback !?
I have an idea that following straight on form a successful repo sync, helps to ensure you have a line to the server, just a guess.

Last of my "quick and dirty" ideas – delete one random folder prebuilts/prebuiltapks/Apps now repo sync has definitely got some work to do ! now follow on lfs pull.

Bildschirmfoto vom 2023-09-12 22-13-02

Please see screenshot

Maybe try this tool in a 2nd terminal, to watch network traffic

sudo apt install iftop

Then run

sudo iftop

so, my basic ’ is not the good one :

@make-nz got it, copied from your linked page called Alt 39

Does a European keyboard have “alternative” ways to produce an apostrophe ? In UK we have only straight on the keyboard, shared with @.

Edit @ronnz98 I am wondering how you generated the “wrong” apostrophe and how might Piero be doing the same ?


Edit: use Symbol and Description columns to find what you need and copy accordingly

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If I copy and paste the correct command in the forum in the terminal its replaced by the incorrect apostrophes…so better no copy & paste
Please see screenshot for clarification which apostrophes works for me (German keyboard)

Bildschirmfoto vom 2023-09-12 22-38-03

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ok, the repo forall -c 'git lfs pull' command with the good ’ toke several minutes to do its job…

( ' )

do you all see it when i use the </> feature (Texte préformaté) of the forum editor ?


thank you @make-nz for the link https://usefulshortcuts.com/alt-codes/punctuation-alt-codes.php
i have bookmarked it.

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