Lost all data of Samsung S9 for no apparent reason, like a factory reset

This device was working fine with /e/ OS for almost 2 years. It had been upgraded yesterday to /e/ OS 1.15 (probably from 1.13, not 100% sure), with no issue: download, installation, reboot. It was working fine yesterday evening with 1.15.

This morning, while using it (playing a game, fullscreen), it suddenly displayed that a shutdown was in progress.
Then the user switched it back on, it displayed a completely white screen, then shut down with no user intervention.
Then the user switched it back on, and it displayed the welcome screens of /e/ OS (just like after a fresh installation of /e/ OS).
After configuring the minimum, everything seems to be lost: apps, accounts, photos, messaging history etc. In the settings, there is plenty of space in the internal memory.

I suspect that the data partition has been just reformatted (but I don’t see how this could happen?!)
I have no hope of recovering any data (except what was synchronized, like contacts/calendar).

This is, of course, more than annoying.

I searched this forum for a similar issue on this device, but did not find any.

I’ll reinstall everything on it. But I hope this will help identify where this might come from

seen a “silent factory reset” reported for a FP4 in this thread: /e/OS 1.10 installation resulted in factory reset and data erased with no clue on what caused this.

For a wild guess, I’d look for changes to the fstab on the source files of the device that is affected.

Thanks @tcecyk for the mentioned thread, where the root cause could apparently be linked to a lack of internal storage space.

On the S9, the user had to make some space in internal storage before being allowed to install v1.15. So maybe it could be related to internal storage space, too.

However, this use tells me that an unexpected reboot occured again today, with a message saying that something was “corrupt”. It did not do a factory reset: nothing was lost

I’ll probably try to reinstall the /e/ 1.15 stable image (same as currently in use, in case it’s the OS that is corrupt). I suppose I can do that without wiping the data again. However, I see that there is no corresponding recovery in https://images.ecloud.global/stable/starlte/?

This is a recurring problem for a while, mentioned in the weekly update threads Week 41, 2023: Development and Testing Updates as if part of the T release publication, but it seems to me most or many recoveries are unpublished since maybe mid August.

A workaround is proposed within the above link

An alternate method to get the partitions

Anecdotally this may happen if storage is > 85% – this seems excessive headroom but I treat that as a limit.

Thanks @aibd for your answer

I will be able to check this afternoon, but I don’t think the device had been upgraded OTA to T. It was on the stable channel, so has probably been updated from 1.14-Q to 1.15-R
Do you mean the partitions need to be fixed for R, too?

I’ll check too, but the storage is certainly very far from this limit, today: after the unexpected factory reset, it was “empty”, and only a few apps have been reinstalled since then.

Well, no … I am now just trying edit to correct my vague wording.

I have read only that this is a “failed to publish” issue.

I speculate that to some extent some magic must be included in stable in order for OTA version upgrades to work. This might include vendor blobs.

The e-recovery “failed to publish” problem seemed in my view to predate the “T vendor blobs” issue (but of course at a technical level idk !)

The device is currently with version 1.15-r-20230915330641-stable-starlte, and uses only 20% of its internal storage.

This evening, I’ll flash https://images.ecloud.global/stable/starlte/e-1.15-r-20230915330641-stable-starlte.zip on it (through the recovery of the device, with adb, without wiping the data), to overwrite something potentially corrupt in the OS of the device.

I’ve just done that: no issue. I’ll see if the problem persists afterwards or not

ah ok, you’re mediating the report of a 2nd person.

I think the completely white screen on reboot after the sudden shutdown is the best lead to search for in other reports. I’d guess the white screen is drawn by the recovery.

The “white screen” apparead again yesterday. Here is a screenshot:

So yes, it’s the recovery, and it says:
“Can’t load Android system. Your data may be corrupt. If you continue to get this message, you may need to perform a factory data reset and erase all user data stored on this device.”

After using the back arrow on op left, the user could reboot the device, and it worked with no data loss

So re-flashing the OS did not solve the issue. We might do the factory reset, but it’s surprising that this happens a bit randomly…

ok, so the search is still out to the truely “silent reset”.

Did you ask the 3rd person what the current free disk space is? The error message "Your data may be corrupt" will yield many threads. You can run into this when you run a tight free space budget

I know. I faced it here: "Your data may be corrupt": /e/os booting into recovery and crashing on startup after running out of disk space

But it’s clearly not the case currently on this device: there’s plenty of internal space (around 43 GB free)

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