Lost fingerprint sensor

I suddenly lost the option to unlock via fingerprint. Until I set up a pin I could read something along the lines of “fingerprint sensor unavailable”. Now I even cannot find any entries when searching for “finger” in the search settings bar. Before the restart I could at least see that there were 3 set up fingerprints.

Any idea how to fix it?

I turned off the phone and held down power + volume down until I saw the Gigaset logo and let go. It started in some wierd test mode where most characters were in chinese, seemed like some factory test to me, I let it do its thing and it stuck for some time on the same few alternating pages I turned it off and on. Fingerprints are back.

i have the same issue, what should i do?

Same issue on my daughter’s GS 290 since a few months. I thought it was a hardware issue…