Lost in account manager and can't delete account

I’m a little bit lost with all this Google Account! What is the first one with a blue background?

I think I create one of this when I tried to import contact and now I can’t delete it from the account manager or from the contact App, any help is welcome :slight_smile:

The Google account type with the blue icon uses microG in order to access an account. The second Google account type redirects to the Google-Account-Manager website.

There exists already a bugreport for the problem with the two google account types: https://gitlab.e.foundation/e/apps/Mail/issues/17

The “Delete Account” functionality is located in different locations for different account types.
Since I did not create such a Google-Account, I can not test this. But for example:

  • Signal account: Burger-Icon (three dots in top-right corner) -> Remove Account
  • WebDAV or /e/ account: Account settings -> Burger-Icon (three dots in top-right corner) -> Delete Account

If you find no way to remove the account within the account manager, then I would consider this as a bug and recommend to create a bugreport for this problem. Gitlab is better suited to track problems than this forum.