Lost in e Recovery after quick instalation

Just updated from the Samsung S9 settings from e.023 to e1.4! It restarted and than I end up in the e recovery mode with a nessage that said somthing that my OS is maybe not original. It not boots my OS if I restart. No TWRP and no idea what happend. So I didn’t have a back up!
Is there a way to get TWRP back? or something else to run it

Found this but not know how he solved it?
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Was your e-0.23- “q” based or “o” based ?

In other words :

Does your actual samsung firmware is android 8 based, or android 10 based ?


You need a PC
-to upgrade your samsung firmware if needed,
-to reinstall TWRP if needed (not sure because you said not having backup)
-to install the recovery-e (if you have freshly upgraded your samsung firmware)

Hey piero thanks for answering!
it was “o” based (e-0.10-o-2020080766690-dev-starlte)
I reinstall TWRP already and made a backup. Then I updated it from TWRP to e-1.5. Just end up in the e Recovery mode and from there I formated my data and ran the e-1.5 zip again and it works!

After that I thought I just run TWRP again to restore my backup but it shows" Cannot restor System — mounted read only"
Does somebody know how I can restore my data?

You don’t want to restore the /system partition (oreo based) but the /data partition

It is your choice on the first boot of TWRP