LOVE /e/ - Small issue with TWRP getting in the way of updates

First of all just want to say I am in love with the system. I installed it a couple of weeks ago on my Samsung Galaxy s7 Edge, and it is just gorgeous. Massive thanks to the team. (I was also a big fan of Mandrake back in the day so maybe I’m bias :wink: )

This is a n00b question, so please forgive my ignorance. - I have downloaded the updates however when I try and install the updates it automatically boots into TWRP, and the updates aren’t applied. Is there a way I can just tell TWRP to boot as normal? or do I have to manually find the update in TWRP and install it that way?

Any advise would be massively appreciated. - I have looked online and there is information on the topic but I really wanted to put the question to the /e/ community.

Other then that 100% the best mobile system I’ve ever used, and its still in Beta! :blush:

Hi, and Welcome :slight_smile:
You will find the answer here : [HOWTO] Update /e/


Many thanks Smu! how did I miss this? lol.

Again many thanks, updating now :blush: