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Since about three weeks I’m using /e/ 0.9 on a FP2, i.e. Android Pie, formerly coming from LineageOS 16.0. So it should be somehow a similar user experience.

What I am missing is a system notification as soon as the battery is low (15 % and lower). Only the LED starts blinking red (low power mode, which I’ve configured for this level), but no notification popup (and no sound) is comming up on low battery level.

I’ve already checked the system setting here (translated from German): Apps & Notifications > All Apps > Three-dot menu: Show System Processes > System-UI App > Notifications. The Battery entry is checked.

A bug?



If you tap the text of the Battery entry (on the left, not the button on the right), then hit “Importance” (or so, see note), you can increase this value to “high” or “urgent” (or so, see note). This may solve your problem.

Note: I could not test it myself as I could not find this Battery entry, maybe because of the translations in my system. Therefore, here are approximate translations from French.

The setting I can see in another device is when in settings search I type ‘low’ it shows this screen for the lights

@come_744 Thank you for the hint. I’m not sure if I ever would have found the corresponding setting there. I’ve now activated the full notification (text and sound), it was actually set to the third option (something like “Show without sound”).

@Manoj I’ve seen that screen also, thanks. However, there you can only change the behavior of the LED itself but not the actual notification.

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It seems that the notification setting in the System-UI app does not have any effect. As the battery ran down to 15 % the LED started to blink again, but no text or sound notification came up. Also not when the battery was very low (around 5 %).

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I’m running /e/ 0.10 Pie on an FP3. As @Manoj suggested I searched ‘low’ in Settings. It only allows me to enable Battery Light, unfortunately no further more detailed settings are shown:

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