Low sound levels on Teracube 2e

The sound on my Teracube 2e is very low. I’ve had the phone for about a month now, and generally the low sound doesn’t bother me too much, as I usually use a separate MP3 player and I rarely watch videos on my phone. And the media volume does increase significantly with ear phones.

But at the weekend I was travelling in a friend’s car and wanted to share some music on their audio system via Bluetooth. The phone was paired with the system, but even with the volume turned up to max on my phone and on their audio player, the sound was too quiet to hear.

Is there any way to increase the volume (apart from using the volume control at the side of the phone or in Settings - Sounds, as that is already at max)?

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I get a widely usable volume over Bluetooth from my Teracube 2e (emerald) with eOS (last checked this issue around version 1.12), but the AUX volume (speaker cable) isn’t enough to drive speakers at even a modest volume.

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