Mac address randomization missing in Android 10

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Installed android 10 on Galaxy s5 klte and cant see any option for “Mac address randomization” in Developer options or in wifi setting. After searching for this issue it seems only newer android devices that came preinstalled with Android 10 have this option, is this the case?
Its not Media tek device so cant use that method. Some guides says to use terminal app and ip link change command to temporary change mac address on unrooted devices but thos doesent work either.

Is there no way to change the mac address on this phone without root? If not permanently then atleast just temporary changing mac address for session.

Yes, older devices probably won’t work. Also if you get this option it is not sure that if will work…take a look at this

Some general implementation details

More background: “Research from 2017 showed that Samsung’s devices would not randomize their global MAC address even when randomization was enabled.”

I also know that Gigaset GS290 presold by /e/ does not support this and the Fairphone i think as well. So which phones in the /e/ store actually DO support this?

Preinstalled Fairphone4 has the option wlan - extended mac randomisation in developer options

thank you for links

So theres is no way to change the mac address without root on S5 klte? :thinking::thinking:

Even for temporary change in terminal “ip link set” just give “permission denied”…