Magic Earth business model

I wonder how Magic Earth is financed. They don’t seem to sell any products besides some exotic support service.
Does somebody know what their business model is?
Developing a navigation app is not something cheap, especially considering that they even have traffic data included which not even OSMand has.

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I don’t know what their business model is like, but I noticed that the app generates connections to, and there seems to be some reference to their businesses.

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that’s very interesting. Also this website seems to have only one product that appears to be for developers or third party integrations and apps. I can’t see that this will generate a lot of revenue either.
Both websites have the same contact address in Romania and the Netherlands but they barely reveal anything about the company itself on their website. Who is the owner? When was it founded? THere are a few photos on this site, but is this really the team or just some photo they bought on an image website?