Magic Earth, ending route when reaching destination

When I recently used the Magic Earth navigation app, I drove too far because I couldn’t park there at the destination.

In doing so, I discovered that the route is automatically ended in the app and that the navigation does not automatically recover and choose a different route to reach the destination.

Google Maps and other navigation apps do.

Has anyone noticed this?

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Did you try They are offline maps and work great

No i didn´t try that and that was not my question.
I know that there are other options, but i see also that Magic Earth is getting better and better and this was something that i noticed.

But i see that the app has a zero privacy score and it has a lot of trackers on it.
So, This is not really what i like to install on my eOs Phone.

if there’s nothing in the FAQ that fits your issue, contact magic earth support by mail. Maybe they considered not auto-closing already and had reasons… you never now