Magic Earth error after 20191126 update

Hi everybody,

I don’t know why I would be alone in that case (am I ?) so here is the issue on the gitlab :

EDIT : somebody with the same phone isn’t facing this issue.

Do you get the same error on mobile network enabled ?

I don’t use mobile network, but I don’t see why it would work anyway.

Same issue here on FP2, “Maps” and “Light” are gone after this OTA update:

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For the Light app it’s normal, it has been deleted because not useful for a majority of users.

For the Maps app, restart your phone and it will come back.

I already restarded the phone, it did not come back. I’ll wait for the next update, if Maps doesn’t return that way it is available in “Apps”.

Even if it’s in Apps I guess you wouldn’t be able to install it.
Try to re-install the last version.

Yes I reported the app was missing on the last test build e-0.7-n-2019111831022-test-titan on Titan [Moto G2] but I am not sure what was done about it. It was there in the previous dev build.
It was available from the App store.

Just installed it from “Apps”, it even remembers my last search. It only isn’t a default application anymore. I’ll see what happens after the next OTA update.

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I have a similar problem. Nexus 5: after the last update Maps are gone. I installed Magic Earth manually but it keeps disappearing after reboot. Please fix.

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