Magic Earth history

Can anyone explain the purpose of the three icons at the bottom of the ‘History’ screen in Magic Earth?

From left to right:
what looks like an open box,
an S shape like a route symbol,
a map location symbol.

The first two show exactly the same list of routes for me: the last ones displayed (up to 50 listed). The third one is empty.

I use Magic Earth only for route planning / estimating journey times, not for live navigation, so this may explain what I’m seeing.

I’ve searched here and in Magic Earth support but can’t find them mentioned anywhere.

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My search of history suggests:

Open box – All history
S wiggle – All routes
:round_pushpin: – seems all locations I have saved as Contacts or Favourites, or laid a pinpoint on



With a 50 limit for history items I’ve always kept it for recent routes only and removed any searches straight away, hence I’d not noticed the difference between the first two icons (until I tried it just now following your reply).

The map pin icon is working slightly differently for me. It does not list any of my existing favourites, nor a new one added by dropping a pin. It does, however, list places searched for.

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