Magic Earth - Open Source Updates?

It was mentioned some time back here: that there was a hope that with enough adoption the team behind the MagicEarth app might agree to OpenSource it. I wonder if anyone knows if there have been any further conversations or updates around that. Is there still an expectation that this might happen?

Also there’s some mention of them having shared documentation. Does anyone know how many of their underlying data sources are open vs closed? For example they state their map data is based on OSM, does anyone know where their public transit data comes from?

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Checking on the Magic Earth part. Will update.

When Gaël said this, I immediatly thought it would become open source. But can’t be sure.

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We are still awaiting a response from Magic Earth folks on this.

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Any response from the Magic Earth team?

@Manoj assume you’re still waiting on them?

No response from them so far. If there are any updates I shall share the same on this thread.

Given the lack of response from them is it worth maybe updating that documentation? Seems a little misleading to suggest it’s likely to be open sourced if they’re not willing to comment on it.