Magic Earth questions

  1. I’ve noticed that Magic Earth rarely shows my location at my current real location. Instead it gets stuck at a location I was at hours ago. Is there any way to either help it catch up at bit, maybe to where I was ten minutes ago, or force it to make a location check and update my location?

  2. I’d love to contribute to improving the map (like letting Magic Earth or Open Map know that there is a pedestrian bridge in a certain location). How is this done?

  3. /e/ uses Magic Earth, but it’s not like the e foundation made it or Open Maps. Do they have their own forum that would be a better place to ask these kind of questions?

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You can edit the OpenStreetMap at

I took a look at
There doesn’t seem to be a forum.
However there is a support mail address at

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Thanks for your message, I’ve been meaning to post about this for a while.

I think it is not specific to MAgicEarth
Indeed, I have several times encountered the same problem with OsmAnd~ here is my observation:

  • I open the app, my position is correct.
  • Then I close the phone without closing the app
  • later to check my position, I take the phone back and reuse the app in standby then my position is completely wrong. It corresponds to a position several days old.
  • If I close the app completely, deactivate the GPS and then reactivate it and open Osmand~ then the position is correct.

So I think it’s more a little problem with the OS

My device is a Samsung A5 (2016) = a5xelte


Yes. For fucks sake. This EOS is turning out to be a turd and is fucking my day up big time.

It might be interesting to others if you close all running apps, then Force stop the phone with press and hold power button for 15 seconds. Does the map then re-jig?

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We have our limitations with Maps application on FOSS. If the OS or the phone is not up to your requirements pl ask for a refund by sending details of the purchase to
That is better than posting abusive comments across the forum.

Thank you for taking the time to write a comment that was actually helpful. Clearing data and cache didn’t do it but rebooting did.

I hate the feeling betrayed by the tech I love just as much as the next user. Sorry for my outburst. FOSS might be free but that doesn’t mean there isn’t a price to pay.

Thanks again.