Magic Earth removed after restart

Hi everyone,

since the last /e/ update (/e/ OS 0.7-2019112732147) Magic Earth is removed after restarting the phone (periodically). I am using a Google Nexus 5. Is anyone else experiencing this? After reflashing /e/ I noticed that Magic Earth is no longer preinstalled.
I will write an issue on the /e/ gitlab page soon.

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Hi @Mickey this is an issue with the last build. We have noticed this and the issue is being rectified in the next build. We have an issue already open for this here. You can check the details and add your comments. If yours is a different issue please raise a new bug.

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Hi @Manoj,

thanks for your quick reply. Sorry I just found this Issue now. Yeah I will do this.

Thanks a lot!


Ok, so this is it! I was wondering because magic earth disappeared from the installed apps list (nexus 5).

With the latest update being pushed yesterday, this issue is resolved. Thanks a lot to all the great open source developers!

Mickey :blush:

Still missing in latest Titan test build.

If reboot the phone doesn’t solve the issue, install Magic Earth from the Apps Store, Maps should be back.

Thanks I will try that

This is kind of annoying. For me it does not come back after a restart. This is the only app which does that. Otherwise Message disappeared from the “home” screen but it was still in the app drawer (now I’m using Zim launcher because Lawnchair is not maintained).